Introducing My Appealing and Completely Life Changing Blog

Welcome fellow readers to the blog of a slightly humble but truthfully more arrogant 20 year old girl who thinks she knows everything about life. 

While I realize that my naive perception is a result of a world that I have yet to experience as some of my life was spent learning how to potty train while the other majority was spent learning how to use a training bra, I still gladly welcome the challenge of sharing my inner thoughts with the world.

My goal with this blog is to simply allow the public world a very small glimpse into the world of me (if not to share my amazing wisdom, then maybe just to laugh at my stupid comments.) To be completely fair though and non-bias, I think I’m hilarious, although I’m probably just one of those people that think they’re super funny but people are actually laughing at the fact that they’ve never seen someone embarrass themselves so consistently.

One thing that I really enjoy in life are stories. Fictional stories like Twilight and the Hunger Games are cool (especially in Middle School, those books were my life), but I prefer real stories about real happenings in life. Not only do I enjoy getting to know people and sharing laughs (I laugh at everything), but I enjoy learning from them.

My christian outlook on life has really taught me to value the process of becoming better one step at a time, as well as learning from mistakes. I like to think of the world as a team. We’re all sinners, and we;re trying to figure it out together.

So why not help each other out by sharing our experiences?

Most of my stories tend to be embarrassing accounts of my life because I don’t ever take myself seriously…or maybe its because I always get myself into awkward situations. But that’s just me. My family gatherings are genuinely just one ball of embarrassing yet hilarious story-telling (the more laughs, the better).

Since I love stories so much, I’ll tell you just a super quick, spunky story about me (almost like a teaser for my upcoming blog stories). One of my favorites is of me when I was little. I was so fat!  My mom even fed me organic food and I still was beefy.  See here:


As if I needed any more calories, my fat self saw some cheese balls from across the room and wobbled on over.I grabbed one cheese ball and my father was all like heavens no, this child looks like she consumed all of China.

I grab the cheese ball anyway (because I really wanted a cheese ball), and my dad tries to threaten me. My bossy self was not going to let my dad tell me what to do. Who does he think he is?

But, of course, eating the cheese ball would be too easy. No way. I had to show my dad who was boss. So I stick the cheese ball in the front of my mouth, waited about a minute, looked my father dead in the eye, and then SLURP.

That cheese ball perished. I even licked my fingers for some added rebellious flavor (ha what a pun!).  I don’t really know what happened after.

While this is just a small glimpse into my past, my life contains so many more that may intrigue. So stay tuned…

















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