Meet The Coolest People In The Entire World

Welcome back viewers! Today,  I thought I would expose a very important part of my life to you guys.

The people that I met in the last three years have changed my life entirely. I’ll explain why in a little.

Currently, I live in the dorms of Geneva College, a small institution on top of a hill in Beaver Falls, PA.  It’s a small Christian school, and there’s really nothing to do but learn everything about everyone.

My dorm consists of four people. They’re cuties. See here (again):


To sum us up real quick, we’re just five girls who tend to get into awkward situations, laugh, and then make fun of one another.

Our Christian faith is something unique we share. Trying to hold each other accountable while trying not be judge (we’re all sinners) is a goal of ours.

With our similarities come differences too, and each of us have our own unique qualities that make our group diverse.

My freshman year, I roomed with the girl to my right (the one with the curls). That’s Katylyn, or Katie. The group calls her Kahtel.  We went bowling and our group decided to spell our names awkwardly (why not), and Kahteleyn shortened to Kahtel.

Kahtel didn’t mind being called Kahtel (I would have), so naturally when someone doesn’t mind being called a fat mammal, you call them that for the rest of their lives.


Just a little about her, she’s from the valley and she has a hint of a southern accent even though she’s from PA. She says words wrong like libary (library), despert (desperate), buggie (cart), lesh (leash), but we love her anyways.

Kahtel is a very good listener. She’ll remember any detail about you, like the name of your uncle’s aunt’s dog’s cousin. I tell her everything.

She’s not an athlete in any way, but her fashion taste exceeds my own, despite being home-schooled.

The group is constantly roasting her, but she’s a great sport about it. Also, she’s the only gal taken (sorry boys). They’ve been dating for about a year.

To the far right is Alyssa, or Lyss. She’s 6 ft tall, and known as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

Lyss is very expressive, and cracks us up with her crazy, fun impersonations. My favorite is theimg_4142 male Latino accent, but her most common one is the motherly accent.

Her incredible jams and dance moves add to her outgoing personality along with her excessive road rage.

One thing you should know about Lyss is she’s super duper spontaneous.

She’s fearless, and that’s what makes her so comforting to have as a leader figure for our group.

The next member of the group, Belle (on the left), comes from the sketchy farm life in Clarion, PA., where her family raised dairy cows.

Lyss and Belle love to talk about scientific concepts, and sometimes theyimg_3952 go off in their own world (my brain leaves).

Apart from being a super duper smart person, her love for 90’s rock is her downfall along with her lack of coordination.

Belle is everyone’s favorite. She relates to all types of people, and you’ll never be afraid to be yourself. Plus, her grumpy, dry sense of humor makes her the perfect grandma.

The last member to join the group is Martha (located in the far back). Sophomore year, Martha and I were bonded by a self-proclaiming prophet who banned us (makes sense, I know).

Martha is a combination of many personalities. She’s very calm while at the same time having a crazy side.img_3978

She hates Canadians, but her and Kahtel love to eat organic foods. Her food collection includes rainbow carrots, vegetti-fied zucchini, and canned salmon. (My food collection include cheese balls and oreos.)

Martha has some dance background, which goes perfectly with her coordinated, delicate appearance. Her gentle personality helps to bring a welcoming atmosphere to others outside the group.

One word I would describe Martha with is adventurous. She’s explored Europe two semesters ago and El Salvador two summers ago.  Her other adventures include littering and getting kicked out of Kennywood for touching the workers at Fright Night.

Overall, these four girls bring a lot of excitement to this campus.

In the past, I have thought of transferring to more exciting institutions like Penn State where the entertainment is probably endless.

And yet, these girls seem way more entertaining than any large university, as unbelievable as that sounds.

To me, they’re worth it.

Love you guys!



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