Family By Chance, Friends By Choice

What’s up awesome viewers? I’m great, thanks for asking.

Sometimes, when I write these blogs, I feel like a dictator. I basically write about my life and you just listen.

It gets lonely sometimes.

Anyways, for my blog today, I thought I would introduce all of my siblings since they’re super cute and I love them whole bunches. You’ll like them, I promise.

Before I introduce them to you guys, I need to say this first. My family isn’t the typical household. In fact, I have two households.

My parents divorced when I was 5, and growing up I switched houses every few days with my older and younger brother.

Josh was the first born in England and an obvious favorite of my mother’s although she’ll deny it. He’s 22 and spends most of his day attending math classes at Pitt for engineering.img_5434

He’s also weird but a good weird. The kind of weird that people appreciate and want to be around. His dorky humor perfectly matches mine, hence why we are best friends, and his respect for women is out of this world. I can honestly say I’ve never met a better male role model.

His hobbies include fishing, video gaming, and attending metal/hard rock band concerts, all of which I despise completely.  Growing up, Josh and I had pretty much one hobby – bullying our younger brother, Ben.

Young Ben used to be whiny and moody, but now our past bullying habits have molded him into the greatest creation on this planet. img_5430

My favorite thing about Ben is asking him questions and hearing his insanely low voice say one worded answers. Best way to describe it is the voice of Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, and if you aren’t familiar with that show, please go educate yourself.

Teenager Ben is now taking after his older brother in playing video games and listening to screaming music, but when we do get the privilege of Ben’s presence, his dorky humor exceeds everyone’s in the family. He is also the tallest and has a full beard at 15. The ladies love it from what I’ve heard.

Josh, Ben and I are the only siblings originating from the first two parents.Originating is such a weird word to describe this, but I can’t think of anything better. You get the idea.

This next part  is  where it might get a bit more complicated.

The next to join is Dannica five years after Ben. She originated from my mother with her at-the-time boyfriend. We like to refer to her as Danni or my personal favorite, Dan-Dan.image

She’s the artist in the group. Her abilities exceed the average adult’s, no lie.

Dan-Dan is also super shy at first but she’s super cute and sweet, except when you turn the lights off in our room. I like sleeping in the dark, and yes, I argue with a 10 year old every night over it.

Danni and I love to make weird, funny videos, and go outside occasionally to catch. She’s also the one that looks the most similar to me, hence why she’s called my mini me.

The four of us make up all of the residences at my mom’s house.

The other household contains my dad, Jamie, and my stepmom, Kara. Abigail, or Abby was born when I was 11. Usually, I’ll call her Ab-Slice.img_4397

Abby is 9 and the super fashionista of the siblings. She
loves makeup and accessorizing. Just your typical girly girl. She’s also my number one fan. Makes sense, I know.

Abigail takes after me with learning how to play the piano every week. She loves to entertain. You can find her center stage at one of her dance performances every year. She’s definitely not shy.

If you thought Abby was the last of them, that’s funny, but I still got two more to go. These last two are the babies of the group, so they’re absolutely worth the read.img_4384

The next munchkin in the family is Luke. He’s 2 years old and absolutely loves anything
relating to sports. Soccer and football are his two favorites at the moment. At Christmas,
Luke got a Steelers hlmet (Go Bucs!) that he wore the entire time he was opening gifts.

This guy is so cute when he talks. He’s very enthusiastic. We usually have to chase him every minute or so because he loves to run around. It’s okay, though. The parents are harnessing his energy into sports.

His favorite song is “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, and he loves to shake his little booty and sing along. What a player.
Last but not least is the little peanut that was born just this past August. She’s super smiley and very chill compared to Luke. Car rides are a breeze with her. Luke used to cry so hard, he couldn’t breathe and his face would turn blue. Gave me a slight heart attack img_5246sitting next to him in the car.

She likes to grab hair and anything in sight, like all babies at her age, and even though I haven’t been able to spend a lot of my time with her living up at college, she still remembers me somehow.

Altogether, there are eight of us, including the adults, the two older boys, Josh and Ben, the three younger siblings, Abby, Luke, and Anna, and myself.

Having this unique family with a bunch of mixed families, genders, and ages, has helped me with the mindset that family is not always the people that are fully blood.

Every three or four days I would have to relocate to a different house filled with different atmospheres and people, and although at times it’s been challenging, I really appreciate growing up and learning to live with a more unique situation.

It’s helped me to love a world that isn’t always perfect.

No family is perfect, and learning to love your family no matter the imperfections is something that I strive for in life and that any family can relate to.

Each of them have good and bad to them, just like everyone, and rather than focusing on the bad, focusing on the good creates a Christ-like example. I think that’s why we are so close to one another.

I love all of my siblings, no matter if they’re my siblings or half-siblings.To me they’re just my siblings, and no matter if they’re weird, funny, annoying, shy, outgoing, sporty, or artistic, I’m going to try to love them the best I can.

Even if my siblings eat all the pop tarts in the morning, or scream at their game console at 8 in the morning, or leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night, odds are we’re best friends for life.


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