Makeup Routine Basics

Hi guys! How was your day? Wow, that’s so glad to hear! Ha. I have way to much fun talking to myself.

In today’s blog, I’m mixing it up for all you fashionistas out there and going on a path that I may or may not regret taking with you all.

Waking up an hour early everyday just to not look like a piece of garbage is a struggle that every girl can relate to. Even Women’s Health said that women spend an average of 55 minutes everyday priming. Usually men don’t understand why it takes this long, but girls do. And men, if you are one of those who still don’t understand, you’re about to.

Guys, I know this isn’t as relatable as it is to the female population, but maybe learning the different products and what their purpose is can help you to buy the perfect gifts for that special boo.

Don’t be the man who buys their girl a correcting palette thinking it was a bronzer because you were too manly to read a make-up blog. Women are all about intentions. If you are doing it for them, they’ll appreciate the effort and you’ll score major brownie points.

My make-up routine is roughly 30 minutes everyday, give or take a couple minutes. Usually, I’ll wake up to pee like every other human being on this earth. Honestly, if you don’t wake up and immediately pee, you’re definitely shady.

Now the first step to my beauty process requires a makeup sponge known as a beauty blender, or those egg-shaped things if you’re a guy. Once you use a beauty blender, you will never go back to using your hands to apply your makeup.

The purpose of the beauty blender is to give girls that airbrushed feel without looking too cakey or painted.

Wetting the sponge before applying foundation is important for natural-looking beauty, which is the best make-up for an everyday routine. Deceiving the public is the goal.

Next, I apply a pretty light foundation all over (I use CoverGirl), saving the under eye and eye lid for last. Make sure you blot the foundation on the outer edges of your face, too, so you don’t have a weird line separating your neck from your face.

Step three is baking. This was a life-changing step for me. All I do is dip the sponge into a translucent powder (I use Airspun Loose Face Powder), place it directly underneath the eyes, and allow it to sit for a couple minutes. This helps hide the dark circles under my eyes, which are pretty bad from handed-down genes, plus this process hides them all day long.


With the translucent powder still under my eyes, I’ll move on to the eye-part of the makeup. This is the most tedious and time consuming part of the process. First, I use a primer. Just a small dab goes a long way. This helps to keep the shadow and the eye-liner actually on my face and not melting away an hour later (I use wet n wild).


Next, I grab this tiny palette of eye shadows, only using the lightest shadow, and applying it the entire lid of my eye. I make sure that the inner corner gets an even application. This helps to make my eyes pop a little better.


Once that’s all completed, I’ll apply the brown from the top row second from the last to the creases of my eye (I use Maybelline’s nude shadow palette). Make sure to go over the eye several times with a light hand and a soft brush to help the colors blend more naturally.


This next step is the hardest step of all. I started applying winged eyeliner the beginning of my junior semester, which was this year, and it has helped advance me to the next level of beauty. Honestly, you could rise from a 5 to a 6 or 7 with this magical step.

The process takes a while to master, and I still have issues constantly applying it evenly on each eye. My usual go-to process is using a felt tip eyeliner and drawing a line straight up from my bottom lash line. The smaller the line, the better. We don’t want to draw too much attention to the wing since it’s already eye-catching.


Next, I will create a thin triangle that smoothly transfers onto the entire lid. Slow and steady always wins here. Messing up the wing requires wiping off the excess with a make-up remover wipe and reapplying the eye shadow. That’s a pain, so try to avoid this.


Now that the eye liner is all pretty and cat-like, applying mascara is the easy part. I apply it to the the top and lower lashes, making sure to not touch anywhere but the lashes (I use NYX brand).


Filling in the eyebrows with a smaller brush and a darker brown shadow helps to shape my eyes more dramatically. I use the dark brown second from the left on the bottom row of the Maybelline shadow palette.


Now that the eyes and brows are completed, the war-like powder can finally be swept up and out.


A bronzing powder is next, and this helps to not give a painfully white and ghostly appearances. I usually apply this to the outer parts of my face to give it dimension. This includes around the jaw, near the temples and hairline, and on the temples. Please blend by going over the areas repeatedly.(I use wet n wild).

Why am I so random with my products? I have no clue. Trial and error has taught me not to trust just one brand.

Once that’s all blended, the blush is applied starting from the outer cheekbone and working your way inwards (I use wet n wild). Too much blush will make you look like a clown, so go easy on the blush. An angled blush can help with this.

img_5410 img_5411 img_5413

Highlighting above the blush and on the tip of the nose after the blush helps to give a dewy feel to the look as a whole (My mom bought me this brand, stila. It’s amazing).I only use the lightest one on the far left.

img_5414 img_5415

The final step is to spray the finished look so all this time isn’t a waste. A couple sprays around the face help along with a matte spray finish can help to set and hide the powder that is left (I use the NYX brand).

That’s the final look. Thanks for reading! Comment if you have any questions.



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