Spring Break Adventures

Hey everyone! So, a couple weeks ago, I was on spring break in Saint Augustine, Florida, so I didn’t have much time to post blogs, but now that I’m back and more ready than ever, I thought I would share some of my spring break adventures with you guys.

IMG_5463This was my very first spring break trip as a college student, so I was pretty excited. I’m a junior this year, so it was perfect timing.

Usually all of my beach trips have been with family, so hanging out with only friends on this trip was a nice mix up from the norm (no offense family).

March 4 was the start date of our departure, and it was Kahtel’s (Katie) first time flying. She lives in the middle of nowhere and she’s home-schooled.

IMG_5546After a 2 hour flight, Alyssa’s friends, Jess and Lauren, picked us up from the airport and let us stay at their super nice condo. We all crammed on one king sized bed the entire week. They offered us an inflatable bed, but we refused.

The first day, we traveled around the city of St. Augustine and went to eat at a restaurant called Harry’s. We also toured Flagler College and later returned to the condo to turn in for the night.

Florida was a little on the chilly side with temperatures in the 70’s. The next day was the coldest day on our trip, but the 65 degree weather didn’t stop us from spending most of our day at the community pool.IMG_6068

Alyssa and I had this light-hearted argument the entire trip. The gist of the argument was basically if temperature determines the quality of the tan. I said yes. I’m probably wrong, but I’m not backing down.

Needless to say, we did get pretty burnt our first day. Martha was red, and we quickly learned to kIMG_5620eep her out of the sun the rest of the trip. After, we ate food. The trip was for the most part a repeated pattern of tanning in the afternoon and devouring food in the evening.
We went into town to visit a girl named Blair at her Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop that same day. Afterwards, we set home to snuggle, ending our second day in Florida.

IMG_5619The third day was 70 degrees, and we packed our bags for the beach. However, the stay wasn’t long since the wind was cold. Instead, we headed back to the pool in hopes of returning on a warmer day.

We tried adventuring into the hot tub, but that didn’t go so well. Apparently, you’re not suppose to put burned skin in more hotter temperatures, although despite the pain, we still tried. We gave up quickly, though.

By the fourth day, we were out of bed and at the pool the third time that week by 10 am. We IMG_6070were usually the only ones at the pool, along with the only girls wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 70 degree Florida weather. All the residents were wearing hoodies and and wind breakers. I guess our tourist side came out just a touch.
Later, we went to this small, cute restaurant that served guacamole. I’m a picky eater, so I just ate the chips plain like a loser.
The next day had a more adventurous side as we explored downtown St. Augustine. I loved site seeing and taking photos, if you haven’t noticed from all the blog posts.IMG_6069

We found these five guys washing their feet in the middle of the city at this fountain. Long story short, we made friends with these very harmless and weirdly hilarious men from West Virginia.

IMG_5560Thus, we continued our walk with these men. Towards the end of our adventure, they took us to see their Chevrolet Avalanche parked at the roof of the parking garage. They called it the”penthouse”.

These boys feet were disgusting, but they had been camping for several days, and most of the raccoons had stole their food. We let it slide. Oh, boys.

The next day, the boys found us at the beach, and we walked and IMG_6067talked, sang a couple songs including “Sweet Caroline”, and peed in the ocean discretely. I promise you, there were no bathrooms. We had no choice.

Later that day, we ate food with our newly found friends at a nice restaurant and drove to their camp site where we roasted marshmallows. The raccoons stole our chocolate.

Our final day was spent at the beach  where we took most of our group IMG_5928pictures for the trip. Belle wasn’t in any. She was in Puerto Rico, and we missed our little farm girl.

We arrived at the St. Augustine Airport later that day at 6 pm, arriving in Pittsburgh by 10 pm. We did, however, happen to see Caitlyn Jenner at the airport. IMG_5953

Although our trip wasn’t filled with the normal drunkard craze that most spring breakers experience on their trips, I still had an amazing time with my lovely Geneva girls.

This trip was close to $200, but the memories were absolutely priceless.




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