Spontaneous Flower Adventures

Hey y’all! It’s time for another blog post about my life. How exciting?

If you’re bored of my posts already, you’ll be happy to know that I am too. So, you aren’t special and you need to read them anyways. There’s only three left, so you’re only enduring for a short while longer.


How majestic!

Today, I discovered a talent that I didn’t even know I had. You can have this same talent for $9.99, or you can just read the rest of this blog for free.

When I was little, I used to pick dandelions, or “fufus” as I liked to call them from our front lawn and gather them all up in a bouquet for my mother. This is probably where I learned my talent of arranging flowers professionally.

If you wish to possess these amazing artistic abilities, here are just a few steps to help you create your own beautiful arrangement like the one before your very eyes.

First, you need a buddy, preferably an Alyssa. You both have to be a child at heart or there will be no room for magical creativity throughout this process. Alyssa and I are indeed children.


That’s Alyssa! (far back)

Wandering through abandon parking lots and people’s yards randomly to find these delicate flowers is the next step of this creative process. It’s easier if you only take a couple and not the whole bush. Less obvious.

Thirdly, you have to pick flowers with long stems and perfectly blossomed buds. Pick from the root so your stem is longer. I learned the error of my ways as a child when I used to pick just any flower in sight. The key here is to be picky with your selection.

Another tip for selecting the flowers for your arrangement is to take a long walk around the neighborhood. You’ll be amazed by the variety.

A common misconception of these flowers is to label them weeds and despise them for how quickly they can grow. Rather than hating, think positively on the situation and how it can benefit the world around you.

These flowers can make someone’s day or they can decorate a room like you’ve neverIMG_6354 imagined in your lifetime. I personally love flowers. Flowers are definitely the way to my heart. They’re super romantic, and I’m no doubt a romantic at heart.

Once you’ve picked enough flowers, your next job is to arrange the flowers to be appealing to the eye. This is the most creative part of the project.

One quick tip is to arrange the prettiest and largest flowers at the center of the bouquet. A rainbow effect from the center to the outer part of the bouquet is also ascetically pleasing.

For example, our bouquet consists of larger pink and purple flowers in the center while smaller yellow and white flowers circle the edges of the arrangement.

Alyssa and I decided to place our flowers together in a cute jar filled with water to place


They’re wilting! NOOOO!

in our college dorm. Perfect for our last week of finals to help brighten the mood.

Of course, the final step is to post this photo on your Snapchat story for everyone to admire your amazing masterpiece. Someone might see your work and you can start your own business like me and Alyssa. You never know. Our business is called Jordan’s Assortments with Alyssa.

The only slightly negative drawback to this whole experience is that your flowers might die by the end of the day. Ours did. It’s okay though. This experience is completely free, unlike a flower arrangement that costs money.

All you have to do is pick flowers everyday for the rest of your life. Alyssa and I have already planned our next flower picking adventure tomorrow afternoon.














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