The Hidden Talents of Me, Myself, and I

What’s up awesome nerds? So for today, I thought I would share with you all my hidden talents that I have accumulated over the span of my existence. They’re pretty entertaining, creative, but mostly random and super amazing.

The first amazing talent I possess is the gift of rapping random songs. My favorites include “Baby Got Back”, “Super Bass”, and “Look at Me Now”. I don’t really practice my talent. It usually comes naturally after listening to a song on repeat 50 times throughout the week. Yes, I’m one of those people. Don’t judge me.

Does this talent mean that I can become a famous rapper? Yes. All things are possible. Do I want to become a famous rapper? No. Not really. Being a celebrity seems like a lot of stress, so I’ll just stick to my passenger seat rap solos.

My second hidden talent developed when I was just a small lad. I watched a lot of Nickelodeon growing up, helping me to develop my gift for impersonating Blues Clues the dog from the show Blues Clues.

For the longest time, I thought Steve was dead. I even named my pet fish Steve in honor of his death. Years later, I found out that Steven was indeed still alive and my fish had died. Go figure.

My third hidden talent encompasses a lot of smaller talents. Growing up, I was a small music nerd, and I learned how to play four different instruments. I can’t play well, but I know enough notes to play a couple songs. For example, I can play the “Wedding March” and “Deck the Halls” on the piano, “Carol of the Bells” on the flute (I owned a Christmas music book growing up, hence all the Christmas carols), “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the violin, and “Elastic Heart”, “Again”, “Halo”, and “Little Did You Know” and a bunch more on the guitar. Overall, the guitar is easier to learn and more versatile in learning different songs. It’s my favorite instrument to play in the dorms.

I didn’t really master any of these instruments due to the fact that my teachers would always leave me after a couple of months and I never continued to learn on my own. I’d rather watch a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s another secret talent of mine.

Also, I can twist my tongue sideways both ways. Apparently, it’s a genetic talent, so I feel really special. Thank you Creator.

As I writing major, I also am amazing at word searches and Words with Friends. All of my opponents have lost, and I’m pretty proud of that since I’m not very good at winning, especially when it comes to sports.

Another hidden talent of mine is braiding. Kahtel always praises me for my awesome side braids. She says they’re the best side braids in the world, and I agree. I can also do french braids and waterfall braids. I have a lot of younger sisters that I practice on, plus my stepmom is a hair dresser and she’s helped me out along the years.

Tanning is another hidden talent that I possess. You would think that the German/Polish/Irish blonde would have no tanning abilities, but that’s simply not true. Give me a week of good weather and a beach to lay on and watch the magic happen.

My final hidden talent that I can think of is my gift of taking pictures. I’m not the most creative or photogenic person in the world, but I work with what I got. Usually I’ll take pictures of other people like my friends or my family. I’m not one of those people who take photos and only try to make themselves look good. I prefer all my friends in the picture to look amazing.

Scenic pictures are a little different in that the world is just naturally beautiful. There’s no real work that goes into it other than centering the images and having a good eye for beautiful spots. God made a pretty cool place here. I just like admiring it.


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