Spring Break Adventures

Hey everyone! So, a couple weeks ago, I was on spring break in Saint Augustine, Florida, so I didn’t have much time to post blogs, but now that I’m back and more ready than ever, I thought I would share some of my spring break adventures with you guys. Read More


The Born And Raised Montanan

Hey readers! Sorry it look me so long to post another blog, but I was on spring break in Florida for a week. The other days, I don’t really have an excuse for other than the fact that I’m lazy.

Today, though, I thought I would spice it up by telling you all about where I was born. It’s not a common place, so get excited.

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Family By Chance, Friends By Choice

What’s up awesome viewers? I’m great, thanks for asking.

Sometimes, when I write these blogs, I feel like a dictator. I basically write about my life and you just listen.

It gets lonely sometimes.

Anyways, for my blog today, I thought I would introduce all of my siblings since they’re super cute and I love them whole bunches. You’ll like them, I promise.

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